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In this section, you will find a press release, press kit and visuals pack in 300Dpi for each subject addressed.

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Algotaylorism, Rage against the machine

De sa gestion scientifique du travail à la gestion algorithmique des travailleurs des entreprises-plateformes comme Amazon, Uber et Deliveroo, l’évolution a principalement été technologique, tandis que sur le plan idéologique, on remarque plutôt une continuité.

Retrouvez une sélection de photos et le Communiqué de Presse de l’exposition.

Land / Sea / Signals

After Echo Chamber, Land / Sea / Signals est la deuxième exposition réalisée dans le cadre du projet Europe creative EUCIDA. is the second exhibition realised within the Europe Creative project EUCIDA.

From overhead satellites to underwater sea cables — network infrastructures and algorithmic software systems are as ubiquitous as they are invisible. Today’s internet infrastructures are complex adaptive systems; they encompass data centers, software protocols, mineral mines and assembly line workers; connecting the flow of information beaming from satellites to the smartphones in our hands.

You’ll find here some pictures and the Press release (french version).

BRUT NOW Art brut in technological times

The exhibition Brut Now, displayed by the Espace multimedia gantner and the Belfort museums, put Art brut in his contemporaneity for the very first time. With nearly 60 artworks from private collections, private foundations or public structures, this exhibition sets in the artistic forefront these new practices and crafts.

You’ll find here, pictures and press release.

Apparitions – Révélations, une exploration de la lumière

Artificial light is also essential to our environment as the natural light, since long. It belongs to our daily lives: of the lamp to the screens. It has become, somehow natural.
Exhibition Apparitions – Révélations, une exploration de la lumière offers out the light of his first feature: from machines, such as 16 mm video projectors or single bulbs, artists approach differently the link between light, image and sound.