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Donner forme à l’éther // Shaping the æther

Curator : Pali Meursault.

With the works of : Nicolas Montgermont, Julien Clauss, Joyce Hinterding, Dinah Bird & Jean-Philippe Renoult, Collectif π-Node, On: Transmission (Tetsuo Kogawa/Christina Kubisch/Sisters Akousmatica/Anna Friz Mobile Radio/Elisabeth Zimmermann/Juliette Volcler/Victor Mazón Gardoqui/Carl Y/Franz Xaver).

Shaping the aether gathers artists who consider radio as much more than a vehicle for media productions. They do question the transmission and use radiations as a full material that they explore, reveal and sculpt.

The artists take adadvantage of the vibratory similarities between electromagnetic phenomenons and the way electricity and acoustic work. They offer a sensorial access through images and sounds and confront us with the paradox of a reality that consists of a natural phenomenon as well as a production of media.

Algotaylorism, Rage against the machine

When it comes to the scientific management of work through an algorithmic management of workers by platforms like Amazon, Uber and Deliveroo, the evolution has been mainly technological, whereas ideologically, there is a continuity.

Olia Lialina – Something For Everyone

Olia Lialina, Something For Everyone articulates around 4 pieces from the  Net Portraits serie, where the artists sets herself up and invites us to dive into the particularities of internet : streams, url, protocols…

Persistences; a sonan archaeology of the Eurockéennes ground

The artist conceived an app working on smartphones (Soundways app available on iOS and Android) so the public can look for the Persistences. The user, depending on his position on the Malsaucy peninsula, can discover sound samples thanks to the app.

Hadaly & Sowana

The new exhibition of the Espace multimédia Gantner, is based on the fantasy novel by French author Auguste de Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, published in 1886 : The Future Eve.

Cosmos : 2019

In this era of new technologies, and Mars exploration, how do contemporary artists observe cosmos and make it their own or even question it? Did the development and the accessibility of some datas initiate new artistic practices, fantasies, new meetings with aliens? These are the questions asked through the exhibition Cosmos : 2019.

Documents – Collecting Digital Art – Volume 2 – 2007-2018

What would a collection of contemporary art look like in a digital era?


Such is the question that’s debated at the Espace multimédia gantner since 14 years. The catalogue of Documents – Collecting Digital Art – Volume 2 – 2007-2018 is an interesting possible answer.

Getting out of Digital Disenchantment

After 25 years of world wide web, it has become common that your life also happens in the spaces of digital communication.

Land / Sea / Signals

After Echo Chamber, Land / Sea / Signals est la deuxième exposition réalisée dans le cadre du projet Europe creative EUCIDA. is the second exhibition realised within the Europe Creative project EUCIDA.

From overhead satellites to underwater sea cables — network infrastructures and algorithmic software systems are as ubiquitous as they are invisible. Today’s internet infrastructures are complex adaptive systems; they encompass data centers, software protocols, mineral mines and assembly line workers; connecting the flow of information beaming from satellites to the smartphones in our hands.

You’ll find here some pictures and the Press release (french version).

The Great Offshore

The Great Offshore is a coproduction of the Espace multimédia Gantner, and the support of la Gaîté Lyrique, DICRÉAM  and the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques. Is is an invitation to dive into the deths of occult economy through a gathering of stories, maps, and objects gathered during a trip in the enigmatic territories of tax havens.

Le chant des terres
The exhibition "Le chant des terres" is a breach opened by artists 
who give to listen to the earth deep within itself, in its diversity,
its trembling, its crunches, its whirlpools or in a fantasized 

You’ll find here a press kit with pictures and a press release in french.

BRUT NOW Art brut in technological times

The exhibition Brut Now, displayed by the Espace multimedia gantner and the Belfort museums, put Art brut in his contemporaneity for the very first time. With nearly 60 artworks from private collections, private foundations or public structures, this exhibition sets in the artistic forefront these new practices and crafts.

You’ll find here, pictures and press release.

Apparitions – Révélations, une exploration de la lumière

Artificial light is also essential to our environment as the natural light, since long. It belongs to our daily lives: of the lamp to the screens. It has become, somehow natural.
Exhibition Apparitions – Révélations, une exploration de la lumière offers out the light of his first feature: from machines, such as 16 mm video projectors or single bulbs, artists approach differently the link between light, image and sound.


The Constellations exhibition displays an exploration of the most recent purchases (2009 – 2010) of the digital art collection at the Espace multimédia Gantner. Installations made during the past exhibitions and new artistic works. This collection was started in the beginning of the 2000’s and counts 50 pieces. As of today it is one of the most important and original collection of this kind in France.