L’Enchanteur – The Enchanter


Samon Takahashi


The Enchanter is a digital juke-box created thanks to the public order “Le lycée enchanté” by Saadâne Hafif. It is a musical database gathering music from all over the world divided into 32 section with funny titles.

These titles are not explicit, but are clues, evocations of what could be found there (Demix Roussos, Not Crete, Neighboring Rock, Acerbic Music, etc.) Inside these rubrics, we find musical pieces that are modern, contemporary, underground, experimental, improvised, etc., all connected by a theme that differs from one category to another, giving them their own identity. Humor is thus used to demystify the act of listening to this music, at times considered baffling.

The title of rubrics along with the choice of pieces appearing in the work are purely subjective, depending on the personal tastes of the artist, the rareness of the recording, its historical character or the variety of musical forms and styles. Samon Takahashi thus offers not the history of music, but a history of music.

Samon Takahashi (1970-) is an actor, composer, plastic and conceptual artist. His works often attempt to create languages between his different practices, in the form of grammar or classification.

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