To collect and conserve digital art


A coproduction Hacnum and les ensembles 2.2 

Round table // at L'Arche (Villerupt)
Thursday the 28th of April at 1:00 PM

The main difficulties with a collection of digital art are connected to the particularities of digital technologies, such as planned obsolescence of hardwares and softwares that are a major weakness for the pieces.

Scarce are the digital artworks in the public and private art collections. Indeed, they gather different problematics compared to fields like photography, vidéo art, or performances. Still, some institutions made the choice to collect these unstable pieces. How do they work with these particularities? How do they discuss with the artists? How do the artist perceive the durability of their works? These are the questions that will be treated here. 

Featured artists: Cécile Babiole (artist-France), Morgane Stricot and Valentin Vlaminck (ZKM – Germany), Claudia Roeck and Tim Marti (H3K –Switzerland), Sophie Monesi and Valérie Perrin (Espace multimédia Gantner – France). 



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