In Space with Sonic Protest – Christine Groult + Marc Namblard // Qba Janicki


Christine Groult + Marc Namblard // Qba Janicki

Sunday the 3rd of April at 8PM

The astounding Sonic Protest Festival (Paris)  – Suzanne Ciani, les Harry’s, Cut Hands etc.- is offering once more, an exceptionnal concert with a great figure of electroacoustic music, trained by Pierre Schaefer’s GRM : Christine Groult. She will perform together with audio naturalist Marc Namblard, whom Stéphane Manchematin and Serge Steyer dedicated a super film called “L’Esprit des Lieux”. The opening act of this concert will be the incredible Qba Janicki . 

Christine Groult+ Marc Namblard  

Two sonant universes with different practices meet :  

– The concrete/acousmatic music of Christine Groult is first and foremost a work of editing and fast morphologies that complete or oppose each other, full of contrasts. This way of composing is indeed very abstract. 

– Ambient sounds of Marc Nambard, on the contrary, are built in repetitive sequences of pure bliss stretching through time. Besides the animal world, the morphologies are not very much skteched, but rather trippy. 

“We have in common the fact to capture the sound with a microphone. Marc gathers sounds from nature, far from the noise of people. It’s sonant material with incredible colours. I try to make incredible sounds whose source cannot be traced. Marc likes the idea that his work could feed other creations or inspire musicians, composers, plastic artists. At the crossroad of our approacheswe will try to explore together these new horizons stemming from the living things, and we will share them with the audience.” Christine Groult, January 2022. 

Production Le Logelloù, centre de création musicale à Penvénan (22)


Qba Janicki 

“Intuitive Mathematics” is an improvisation recorded with percussions amplified by piezoelectric sensors and an instrument called “Soundboard”, made by Qba Janicki. It is ade of metallic strings, screws and reeds assembled on a pine board. The piezoelectric amplification allows the sound to get as close as possible to the public’s ears by delivering the rich harmonies of percussions, as well as the non mucial elements like friction, shouts or vibrations coming from the resonance of mechanisms. All the amplified instruments are transfered to an analogic mixing board sending those signals back to the amplification system placed behind the percussions, hence creating a feedback controled by the artist once he moves objects on the percussions or once he moves his body between the instruments and the PA system. 


Made with the Sonic Protest Festival.







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