Curator : Mathieu Vabre

From April 9th to July 16th 2022

Irisations merges kinetic art, optical art (op art) and contemporary creation in the digital era. It participates in the renewal of these major artistic movements of the 20th century. The works presented here are exploring the radiation of light, its spectrum its colours as well as the perceptual phenomenon.

The political position in which the kinetic artists engaged in the 1960’s as a break with the big modern principles  have turned the boundaries of art upside down. Hence, the traditionnal “relationship between the spectator and the art piece” in order to “give the spectator a major participation” has been reconfigured.

The rainbow, as a fragile and ephemeral figure, resonates with the current issues the artists are dealing with these days. They question us about human vanity and the deep transformation of man and his relationship with the natural environment through the prism of technologies. Fate of man in this reconfigures relationship is drawn with the advent of  new dialectics between man, the living and nature.

A tenth of artists who are presented in this exhibition, the eye of the beholder, space and illusion are at the heart of the artistic process.

Mathieu Vabre, Curator.

With the works of Lucien Bitaux, Verena Friedrich, Adrien Lucca, Alistair McClymont, Natalia de Mello, Flavien Théry, Romain Tièche et Hernan Zambrano.