Anarchronism – Time-disrupting machines


par Anne Laforet

04/30/2016 - 06/09/2016

This exhibition is an attempt to approach the contemporary creation by merging the words anarchy and anachronism into a new one : “anarchronism”. This understanding allows to comprehend the pieces that are themselves issued from temporal and technological compressions.

From this tension between time and technology, artists create situations that wildy unplug and replug the relations between digital and analog, vernacular and retro, innovation and obsolescence, mass media and diy, home-made hardware, software and protocols.

Some artworks in the exhibition modify in their own ways the modes of operation of current layers of technologies, digital or analog : invention of long-term storage media , return to less common uses of mass media (the audio cassette to store code)

A few others propose a change of perspective : transformation of e-waste into rudimentary weapons or appearance of signs related to today’s consumer electronics…

With the artworks of Signal to Noise, Balint Bolygo, Project Singe, David Guez, Cécile Babiole and Jean-Marie Boyer, Yann Leguay, Dardex, Suzanne Treister, Flo Kaufmann.

Preview Saturday 30th April @ 5PM
with the exhibition curator Anne Laforet and many above artists.

Download the press kit, here.