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Folklore of Industrial Man

Marshall McLuhan

” It looks like, nowadays (1978), there are 4 big authors who really think the picture (not only theoretically, but also in practices and as a modern element of our contemporary world). It’s you Godard, McLuhan and Burroughs. Yet, it is curious that these four people start from a bipolar nature of the picture that allows them precisely to create movement, as if it was a difference of intensity.”

Letter to Pierre Klossowski in Lettres et autres textes / Gilles Deleuze – Editions de Minuit

This book, consisting of 65 original illustrations, is unpublished in French. Marshall McLuhan and his inventive literary style delivers an analysis of mass culture of modern man of the 1950’s through 59 texts. This work displays the messages; the mechanisms and the injunctions made to the public through an rigorous analysis of advertising posters, newspapers, advertising slogans, flyers from back in the days.

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