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Art, biologie + (al)chimie

Jens Hauser

Semaine n°387, revue hebdomadaire pour l’art contemporain
Auteur : Jens Hauser
Parution vendredi 05.06.2015

Édition papier, 16 pages, 4 €

Between art, biology and (al)chemy, this triptych of infectious works encourages affectionate experiences with our beloved halves that we usually despise : viruses, bacterias and plasmids become significant others (SO). Modern science is more and more interested in the microbiota, the benefit of bacteriophage viruses, or decontaminant bacterias. Three artists, three experimental formulas are depicting these actors of life/ Tagny Duff is tattooing viral tattoos on skin samples. Paul Vanouse uses bacterian plasmids to fiddle with portraits made of DNA that turn into other identities. Adam Brown produces gold thanks to extremophile bacterias. Does this mean that the philosopher’s stone has been found? [Jens Hauser]

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