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Nicolas Schöffer


Writings by Robert Bonaccorsi, Xavier Douroux, Jean-Damien Collin, Eléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer, Eric Mangion, Maude Ligier.

In his text, Eric Mangion deals with the topic of conditionning in art, whereas Maude Ligier, PhD in Art History Paris-IV, who studied Schöffer’s work for 4 years, has written 3 essays about the artist’s multiforms works. The author describes three sides of this creation -sculpture, architecture, mass media – and he announces the resources of a piece that is connected to the kinetic art movement. Since the mid 1950’s, that movement is integrating elements of  science, most notably cybernetics, dance, cinematic technics, that allow the formulation of a modern language that favours the production of an audiovisual show and a renewal of the perception process.

The 1963 monography of the Griffon editions being sold out, this book fills an eidtorial void and allows the readers to discover Schöffer’s work. The layout recreates the scenography of the exhibitions at the Villa Tamaris and at the Vasarely Foundation.

Referential monograph dedicated to the pioneer of cyber art, including a specific layout and 4 essays about his work.

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