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Le jeu & les règles


Texts by Paul Panhuysen, Jaap Bremer, Yvan Etienne, Rahma Khazam, Paul Kuypers, Helga de la Motte-Haber, Rene van Peer, Rolf Sachsse, Louis Ucciani.

These writings are a general introduction to Panhuysen works. They showcase different aspects of his art (archives, sonorous installations, paintings, in situ installations, games, activities of the Het Apolohuis collective, theoretical positions of the artist). The book displays exhibitions through images. The CD Small Sample, Many Pieces, is made of different audio materials (animals, artefacts, instruments, compositions and improvisations, acoustic, amplified and electronic sounds). Sound and image are complementary in Panhuys’ installations. Multiple sources are also essential to the work of the artist.

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