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“In May 1997, the world champion of chess, Garry Kasparov was defeated by IBM computer Deep Blue…”


Mika Taanila, Juha Van Ingen, Pekka Sassi, Anssi Kasitonni

Semaine n°166, revue hebdomadaire pour l’art contemporain
Authors : Cécile Dazord, Perttu Rastas
Published 09.05.2008

This exhibition displays films of Finnish artists criticizing technological utopias. Recent statistics of the World Economy Forum show that Finland ranks at the 3rd position according to NRI (Networked Readiness Index) after Singapore and Iceland. Finland used to rank 1st in this pool, thanks to Finnish citizens using cellphones and internet. The spectacular rise of new technologies in Finland, marked by the Cold War until the end of the 1980’s, might explain the critical look of some artist about modern technologies.

With RoboCup99, opening on the reminder of Garry Jasparov’s defeat against a computer, Mika Taanila alludes to the scientific and economic competition around AI.

(Dis)Integrator by Juha Van Ingen shows the frailty of analogic video image : a sequence from an anticipation film about teleportation is copied and copied againuntil it becomes illegible.

SEVnet by Pekka Sassi projects Soviet Union in the realms of modern technologies.

The low-tech animated film The Investigators by Anssi Kasitonni, is recycling the genre of adventure and anticipation films with a fun twist.

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