Sans titre – Untitled


Enzo Schott


Enzo Schott’s work is a video obtained during recordings of gaming sessions on Minecraft. Presented on a large screen, it shows the different strategies developed by Enzo, whether on the scale of buildings or on the scale of the city, to escape floods. He then virtually provokes these catastrophes in the game in order to show the viability of his plans.

Enzo Schott (2000-) is a digital artist monitored by the “Main à l’oreille” [Hand to Ear] Association, which gives support to autistic invention in all its forms. Self-taught, he creates digital works using screen shots from different software such as Powerpoint and the video game Minecraft. Since the age of 4, when he discovered it was possible to “copy and paste” fragments in order to create a world on the computer, he has not stopped inventing.

This atypical child, in order to overcome his fear of floods, anchored in the reality of his fears, became the architect of an imaginary 3D world, which he calls “my world,” in which he has found how to keep safe by always going higher in the tall buildings he constructs.

Le personnage, son avatar, e?volue dans ces diverses situations. On le voit notamment a? l’inte?rieur d’un immeuble ou? l’eau monte subitement prendre l’ascenseur pour en atteindre le sommet. Il trouvera ensuite une solution pour redescendre en s’e?quipant d’une cape lui permettant de voler.

The character, his avatar, evolves in these different situations. In particular, we see him inside an apartment building where the water is rising suddenly take the elevator to reach the top. He then finds a solution to come back down by putting on a cape that allows him to fly.

The work Untitled by Enzo Schott was presented for the first time in 2016, during the exhibit “Brut Now,” coproduced by the Espace Multimedia Gantner and The Museums of Belfort. The objective of this exhibit was to inscribe Art Brut, for the first time in France, in its contemporaneity. With more than 200 works from individual collections, private foundations and French and foreign public institutions, it placed new practices and new media at the forefront of the French art scene.

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Pedagogical sheet of the work
Enzo Schott Oeuvre sans titre
Enzo Schott Oeuvre sans titre
Enzo Schott Oeuvre sans titre
Enzo Schott Oeuvre sans titre