Echo Chamber


co-production : EUropean Connection In Digital Art (EUCIDA), Curator : Matthew Nevin

From 24 June to 22 July 2017

‘Echo Chamber’ aims to create an accessible dialogue between the digital arts and its interpretation of politics, culture and society.
An echo chamber is where ideas or beliefs are repeated inside social networks, where different views are disallowed or underrepresented.


An exemple of an ‘Echo Chamber’ effect can be seen in social média where users engage only with people and media sources that share their particular beliefs and viewpoints. In this way the digital arts may sometimes seem like a medium which caters only to a specific tech savvy audience. Our aim is to create an accessible dialogue between the digital arts and its interpretation of politics, culture and society through technology to an European-wide public.

The parallel exhibitions, which mirror each other, will take place simultaneously across the three art centres in Ireland, Lativa and France. Six contemporary visual artists have been selected, two from each of the host countries, whose practice is rooted in various aspects of digital technology.

These artists will create new dialogues that challenge conventional views on politics and culture; pushing for an examination of our preconceived expectations of what contemporary art is and its relevance to the society we live in.

Featuring : Jeanne Briand, Adam Gibney, Fabien Leaustic, Helen McMahon, Raitis Smits and Paula Vitola


European Connections in Digital Arts / EUCIDA is a 3 year project funded by Creative Europe led by RUA RED in partnership Gantner Multimedia Space France and L?znava Manor R?zeknes Latvia. The project aspires to work collaboratively and demonstrate innovation and high standards contributing to making the digital arts sector highly visible internationally.

EUCIDA is a growing, interactive and innovative community of digital, media and technology artists, curators, researchers and cultural workers, connecting to imagine new ways of artistic mobility. Sharing experience, creative practice and opportunities transnationally both for artists and new audiences.