Espace multimédia gantner,

Exploring Digital Culture

The Espace multimedia gantner was founded in 1998 by the Municipality of Bourogne. Since 2001, it has come under the aegis of the Territoire de Belfort as the contemporary art and new technology branch of the Departmental Media Lending Library. It has been registered with the French Ministry for Culture as a Contemporary Art Centre since 2012.

Its vocation places it at the heart of the village’s everyday cultural life, while offering a demanding artistic programme.

The Espace multimedia gantner invites people of all ages and from all walks in life to explore digital culture through a broad spectrum of activities: exhibitions, concerts, multimedia workshops, documentary resources, on-line resources etc.

All our activities are
free of charge

The Espace multimedia gantner is backed by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the DRAC, the Regional Authorities of Franche-Comté and the Municipality of Bourogne.


From april 30th to july 9th

Anarchronism – Time-disrupting machines

by Anne Laforet

This exhibition proposes to approach contemporary practices through a portmanteau word, “anarchronism”, fuses with the chaos and autonomy of anarchy and anarchism. The compression of the two words allows us to comprehend artworks which are the result of compressions themselves. +