Escaping the Digital Unease


Curated by Raffael Dörig, Domenico Quaranta and Fabio Paris

Exhibition / Launch Saturday 13th October at 5PM
From 13 October 2018 to 19 January 2019

After 25 years of the World Wide Web it has become commonplace that our life also happens in digital communication spaces.

But unease spreads in this digital life. While we’re using products by Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and find them useful and indispensable, we’ve become aware of the dominance of such big players. Their services form our thoughts and commodify the ideas of frienship and exchange. We do not surf the wild web anymore, but are fed with feeds, receiving more and more of the same, based on algorithmic extrapolations of our preferences. With the social media account we rent services, which we pay with our data and attention. With Edward Snowden’s disclosures awareness on the excessive government-surveillence and their link to private actors has also reached a broader public.

Since the beginning of the web, artists have built their own spaces and channels there. They have created artworks that reacted to commodification and restrictions in a critical way. The exhibition presents works from over 30 artists and collectives tackling these topics, raising awareness to the unease, showing its causes or possibilitites of an escape from it. A selection of books and artist publications are presented in a reading room.

with : Zach Blas et Jemima Wyman, James Bridle, F.A.T Lab, Félicien Goguey, Benjamin Grosser, Christoph Wachter et Mathias Jud, Olia Lialina, Trevor Paglen, Tabita Rezaire, RYBN. org, DISNOVATION.ORG, Gordon Savicic et Bengt Sjolen, JODI, Peter Sunde, Erica Scourti, Lasse Scherffig…

Oeuvre GO Rando de Benjamin Grosser

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