Trahir la place – Exposing the Plaza


Stéphane Montavon, Gilles Lepore et Antoine Chessex


Trahir la place plunges the spectator into the point where the revolution collapsed: from the excitement that hope for coming change caused, to the violence of the attack, and even the silence of the disillusionment of a people feeling betrayed once more by its army.

During the day, the plaza is taken over by reactionaries calling for their departure in order to allow vehicular traffic and business to go back to normal. The populace is led away by Baltagiyas, the cronies of the regime that was crumbling. The army allows it, as in previous days, when it witnessed attacks and murders occurring at the margins of the protests without reacting.

That night, the army takes control of the circle, evacuates destroyed tents, and keeps witnesses at a distance, barring anyone from taking photos.

As soon as it is emptied of its core and the revolution collapses, the narration dissolves. All that is left are traces of voices adrift in the environs of Tahrir Plaza and, two days later, in Alexandria.

Ste?phane Montavon (1977-) is a poet and sound artist. He travels throughout the world to make field recordings of situations, whether everyday ones or crises, then adds sound archives and spatializes the whole thing in order to create quadriphonic pieces of cinema for the ear, in situ performances or texts. His works explore the discrepancy between hearing and vision, question the concept of landscape and chase after the infinitely fleeting object that is the voice. Avec Antoine Chessex (1980-) – a Swiss composer, saxophonist, performer and experimental musician – et Gilles Lepore (1972-)  – a Franco-Italian filmmaker, comic book author and illustrator –, they coproduced the Appeau project, a series of four sound and film pieces, of which Trahir la Place is a part.

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Oeuvre Trahir la place
Oeuvre Trahir la place
Oeuvre Trahir la place
Oeuvre Trahir la place
Oeuvre Trahir la place