Donner forme à l’éther // Shaping the æther

June 2, 2021 1:58 pm Published by Comments Off on Donner forme à l’éther // Shaping the æther

Curator : Pali Meursault.

With the works of : Nicolas Montgermont, Julien Clauss, Joyce Hinterding, Dinah Bird & Jean-Philippe Renoult, Collectif π-Node, On: Transmission (Tetsuo Kogawa/Christina Kubisch/Sisters Akousmatica/Anna Friz Mobile Radio/Elisabeth Zimmermann/Juliette Volcler/Victor Mazón Gardoqui/Carl Y/Franz Xaver).

Shaping the aether gathers artists who consider radio as much more than a vehicle for media productions. They do question the transmission and use radiations as a full material that they explore, reveal and sculpt.

The artists take adadvantage of the vibratory similarities between electromagnetic phenomenons and the way electricity and acoustic work. They offer a sensorial access through images and sounds and confront us with the paradox of a reality that consists of a natural phenomenon as well as a production of media.

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